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2021 eBook: Running a Lean Law Firm

This is a succinct, up-front eBook for busy lawyers and legal professionals to run a lean law firm.

At its core, Lean is about separating waste from value. It’s about constantly measuring and improving your operations so that you can maximize the value you’re supplying to your client. It’s about increasing your revenue in a predictable manner. It’s about recognizing what you’re doing that can be optimized, and how to measure the output of your optimizations.

This ebook goes into greater detail and exploration about how to run a law firm, specifically:

  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) your law firm should track.
  • Understanding systems thinking and how law firms can be modeled and measured like factories.
  • How to conduct strategic planning sessions.
  • A guide on technology adoption and fostering change in a law firm, which traditionally is a venue where getting change to occur is hard.
  • How to approach marketing through a Lean lens, what to measure, and what activities to avoid.