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Meet Steve Fretzin

Acting as a kind of “business development therapist,” Steve Fretzin coaches and trains lawyers the most modern-day business development skills, providing precise tips, fresh ideas and actionable tasks that drive tangible results.

The host of the BE THAT LAWYER podcast, Steve has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s and and has appeared on NBC News and WGN Radio. He has written four books on legal business development, is a regular contributor to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and has published articles in Attorney at Law magazine, the National Law Review, the American Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

3 Reasons to Choose Steve Fretzin As Your Lawyer Coach and Growth Partner

  1. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Steve works with attorneys in all practice areas from start-up solos to attorneys at large firms originating over $6 million in billables a year.
  2. Steve focuses exclusively in legal business development for lawyers and collaborates directly with you to create a custom plan and accountability based on your specific business goals and designed to deliver tangible results.
  3. Steve’s methods are proven to dramatically boost income. Many of his lawyer clients double or triple their existing books of business in just 12-16 months.

Why Steve Fretzin

This video provides real testimonials from real lawyers about what FRETZIN does and their results working with Steve.

Real Testimonials

“Thanks to Steve's coaching, I've been able to triple the amount of my referrals this year. Steve is very hands on and helped me create a process that has completely changed my approach to networking. I highly recommend Steve!”
Chance Badertscher
Chance Badertscher
Attorney at LaVelle Law, Ltd.
“In the year after working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of the most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing the law.”
Neville Reid
Neville Reid
Partner at Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll, LLP
“Steve is the best of the best at his job and the tremendous services he offers. I was able to quadruple my clientele thanks to his tutelage. I continue to recommend him to any of my colleagues.”
Octavio Duran
Octavio Duran
Owner of Duran Law Offices
Legal Business Development Isn't Rocket Science wasn't written overnight. This book took six years to complete and includes over 50 chapters of my best ideas, tips, and strategies to develop more business in less time and with less effort. Here are four of my best chapters to become familiar with my "sales-free" methodologies. I know you didn't go to law school to learn business development, but the reality is that control and freedom will become a reality when you obtain your own clients and a bigger book of business. Enjoy these four chapters and I hope to meet you someday to talk about your individual needs.
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1.Going for New Business? Don’t Let Things Just Happen, Have a Plan (chap 1)

2.Business Development Lessons From the Putting Green to the Law Firm (chap 4)

3.Effective Time Management for Lawyers: is it Really Possible? (chap 10)

4.Learning How to be a Rainmaker: You Can Become a Marketing Pro (chap 15)

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