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When is Outside Counsel Worth the Premium?
For GCs, it’s a familiar conversation - the one in which Finance looks at escalating legal invoices and asks: Do we really need XYZ law firm? The GC’s answer is always “yes,” almost reflexively.

It’s time to rethink that response – or at least reframe the question.
The question is not, do we need a law firm? Of course. The right question is, when do we really need that law firm? What is the ideal process for identifying risks and mapping related legal matters to the most appropriate legal resources?

This whitepaper outlines an approach to legal resourcing fit for a law department in 2022 and beyond.

The report addresses:

  • Macro trends impacting the legal department today
  • The deficiencies of the traditional model for legal resourcing
  • The ideal model: Core-bench-firm (CBF)
  • Building a CBF model: A five-step blueprint for GCs
When is Outside Counsel Worth the Premium?

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