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How to Navigate Hearsay in Family Law Cases Involving Alcohol Abuse

Discover how cutting-edge technology is helping Family Law attorneys dispel false allegations and focus on the facts

Addiction is amongst the top six reasons for divorce, next to a lack of partnership or intimacy, falling out of love, communication problems, and not being ready for marriage. In any of these instances, emotions are running high for both partners, especially when there are children involved.

In emotionally-charged cases, it's common for spouses to make allegations about each other's behavior. Allegations of alcohol abuse are among the most scathing topics of discussion. Unless an individual shows up to a courtroom intoxicated, it's difficult to prove whether the allegations are true or false. This can quickly lead to hearsay accusations.

In this helpful guide, you'll learn:

  • How to navigate hearsay versus admissible evidence
  • How to mitigate hearsay evidence using alcohol monitoring
  • How Soberlink's cutting-edge technology can help you dispel false allegations early

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